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Anna Encheva was born in Varna, Bulgaria - a beautiful beach city with 300 sunny days on average, warm people and a father who took photographs almost every day. She was exposed to the magic of photography from a very young age - waiting impationately in the home dark room for images to appear on the white pieces of paper. It was there in the dim red light that it all began and she fell in love with the art of photography.


Anna has a degree in business and has studied in prestigeous Bulgarian and US schools, but her passion for photography never died, so this is why she transformed her true love into her only profession. 


She was the main photographer of a prestigeous lifestyle magazine in Bulgaria - V.I.P. Varna - capturing the famous artist in Bulgaria with multiple cover and article assignments. This is where she got her skills to make every second count and be able to capture beautiful imagery within very little time. 


Anna is currently based in Toronto, Canada, but is also working in Spain.


Her artistic path in Toronto started with getting an arts degree. Anna has worked and been published in various newspapers and magazines, such as The Wall Street Journal (International Write Up), Latinos, The Globe and Mail, Tourism Toronto, La Guia, Lula Music And Arts Centre, Correo Canadiense and more. Her current assignments include working with Lula Lounge and various musicians in Toronto, photographing life music shows and creating artistic photos for their promotion and album covers in her studio.


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Anna Encheva

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